Wednesday, December 01, 2004

wooly hats and scarves

poeple can rest here
use the phone
and offer there houses
one of the doctors with the orange ribbon
said that i feel pain
and i provided myself with some medical help
im am ready you say, you are a market
endlessly on your mobile phones
you a movement with out a headquarters
so the rally calls, sign the signature on key buildings

we must not notice the great divide in our country?
i believe in civil discourse, and the ocassional civil war

Sunday, November 07, 2004

im changing my name to

pirate dirty robert

check it

Saturday, November 06, 2004

a accident

I can see it in your eyes
sliver of silver
as the tea pot cries
shiver and deliver
another pot to consume
river to the villager
livelihood to presume
off the cuff without a altar

one last chance
sweet dream fall for me

Monday, November 01, 2004

make sure everything goes smoothly

hey hey good luck tomarrow
we've all lost anyways

but the number of things that conicide
all types of things

if the sun shines today
ill still have bone marrow

if the sun refuses to shine
more money to barrow

Sunday, October 24, 2004

i have to stand on the corner

at the end of time
there was man praying to a one way sign
he deadened now that i saw him
so i talk out loud and pretend to swim

dumb dumb ta dida dumb
dumb dumb ta dida dumb

at the end of time
history has become a pantomime
where there is no flag to hoist
where there is no rag of choice

dumb dumb ta dida dumb
dumb dumb ta dida dumb

and when you can bend a dime
the thought will not be worth the time
you are only what you care about
and the one way sign is the way out

dumb dumb ta dida dumb
dumb dumb ta dida dumb

Monday, October 18, 2004

in the city by the lake

I admit the consequence caused distress
and under the radar we can hear
all understanding is under duress
more than I can aknowedge or fear
that social stigmas now dance
and our prose has lost romance

this idea of me is a part of you
we used to be little with diaries
of optometry, sending this smile to you
of a time when counter tops raised boundaries
sending mars rovers to see what we cant reach
so surreal, the cereal taught us what we now teach
that life is a amazing, and a maze,
inpatient thoughts and mothballs of maize
I decided long ago that I wanted, peace
deciding that everyone had teeth
and were all racing to the dance
doing our best to do the mashpotato

i would proper to live with some quick heal and toe
knowing fully that i must brake before i go
and take the time to see what others do
on their greatest days, on their Tao

sometimes I wake up and feel horrible
my heart drags my body and then I stub my toe
and if my soul is real, it would be potable?
but I pull my eyes open, to see light trickle in
a new day is here and IM not happy
pitching back and forth, my ears are made of tin
my balance is askew, and crappy
but its in this stupor I see the stipend
I have a day to be what ever is in my rants
I can comb my hair and and tear my new pants
grumpy and unreasonable, stumble with stubble
the bookworm going to the bathroom
and I say to my self in reverie

I took my love I took it down
climbed the mountain I turn around
I saw my reflection in a snow cover hill
till a landslide brought it down
and now I start a new day
older and less acceptable

Monday, September 06, 2004

demon demon demon
out the door and im leavin
i cant be live like this anymore
broken wings covering the floor
i should take the keys and change lock
break for the trail and find me a new stone
i know ive known you for too long and how
the rules say everytime i go to leave now
that your every action is justified
and although my aganst will subside
well what am i, im confused
im vibrating